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Upucuza.com was founded in August 2010 as a place for real consumers to share their stories, deals, vouchers and tips. The purpose of the site is to encourage honest advice from genuine consumers, and as such self-promotion and spam is severely frowned-upon. We all want to escape from the marketing messages and ads that surround us and get insight from other people about hot deals and products

Anyone can share and vote

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we dont sell any product

We find good deals and coupons

For us, users are the driving force behind Upucuza.
Registration is free and open to everyone

you can help build and support this community simply by sharing deals or voucher codes you’ve found, or by giving friendly advice and insight on deals listed.


Our Team

If you find something whilst browsing the net, or you hear about an offer you think your fellow members will be interested in, don’t hesitate! Get it posted and share what you’ve found – explain why you think it’s worth shouting about and see what the users think!

Our team is here to support you.

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