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Most frequent questions and answers

Can I delete a deal I posted ?

No, that’s not possible. From the moment a deal has been published, we keep it on the site even when it is no longer valid – it appears as “expired” but will serve as a reference for future deals on the same product or service . The comments associated with the good plans are also valuable when one wishes to have opinions on a product!

Does the registration have a cost?

No. Creating a Upucuza account and using all features is completely free. Applications (Android and iOS) are also free, and without integrated purchases. The site as the applications are 100% without outdoor advertising.

What is the little flame that appears next to the temperature of certain deals

When a deal generates a lot of votes in a short time, a flame is displayed next to its temperature: it means that it is particularly appreciated by our members.

How do votes work?

It is imperative to be logged in to vote on the site. Then click on one of the arrows on each deal, the + red representing a positive vote and the – blue a negative vote.

My comment is not displayed, why?

Like deals, members’ comments are subject to verification by the moderation team before being published. This allows us to filter comments that do not respect our terms of use

Why register?

You can view all content on the site without registering, but you must have an account to be able to post a good plan, vote, leave comments. In addition, we regularly develop new features for registered members: creation of alerts, notification system, ability to follow other members and contact them via private messaging

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