30″ Wild Republic Jumbo Wolf Plush

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Deal Score+11
$23.40 $101.99 Get Deal

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Toy figure type Stuffed Toy
Color Wolf
Material Fabric
Cartoon Character Animal

About this item

  • Realistic fur makes this playful plush Wolf one of the more lifelike stuffed animals, and its soft cuddly filling keeps this giant plush toy huggable.
  • Approximate size of this wolf plush is 30 inches; these large stuffed animals are easy to clean and surface washable.
  • Made of high quality fabrics, all Wild Republic giant stuffed animals are constructed to survive endless play time.
  • These big stuffed animals are also great kids toys for animal themed birthday parties or as a gift for any occasion.
  • Great plush toy for toddlers on up to teens and even adults who love wolves or as kids bedroom décor.
  • About this Deal:
    • Wolf is $78.62 lower (77% savings) than the $101.99 list price.

Product Description wolf plush

Are you ready to join the Wolfpack? This Wolf stuffed animal will be your friend until the end This jumbo plush toy is a loyal companion Wolves are known to be Wild crazy and unpredictable however this extra large plush is really a giant teddy bear inside and out Wolves may be known for their bone-chilling howls but hearing your child practice his howl will make any parent feel warm inside After all that howling tires out your young Wolf This stuffed animal can double as a fantastic animal pillow You will see no wild Wolf at a petting zoo so this giant plush Wolf is a great alternative option This cunning realistic giant stuffed animal is made from the softest polyester fabrics which makes it perfect for cuddling too

This is an amazing stuff animal. It’s very realistic, detailed, and one of the softest things I’ve ever felt!

Benefits of getting a Cuddlekins stuffed animal:

1. It’s like a huge awesome pillow that’s softer than most normal pillows.

2. ANY of the 30″ Cuddlekins animals might help kids fall asleep at night. Because they are so large, some kids feel protected by them. This might be helpful to some adults too.

3. Kids can play pretend with these animals. Bonus for imagination adventures.

4. If you can’t have a dog, this is a nice compensation since it’s so realistic. Kids love to pretend and it’s easy to pretend that this is a pet. When I was a kid, I really wanted a dog. Having stuffed animals helped me with not having one. If you get it for that reason though, you should also get smaller toys that can travel in the car with the kids.

5. The size of it just makes it more superior than any other stuff animal. Boys won’t be teased for having one of these stuffed animals since they look realistic and their size prevents them from from looking “girly”. Instead these stuffed animals look purely “awesome” and usually most kids will want one.

If you’re thinking of getting one, definitely do it! Your kids will love it. YOU will love it too. The color might not be exactly the same as the image, but does it really matter? The softness is amazing, and the details are impressive. This is a really high quality product that’s worth every penny! wolf plush

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