3D Mute Metal Wall Clock with Gold Pendulum Modern Round Decor Art Living Room Bedroom

Deal Score+10
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Deal Score+10
$59.99 $499.99 Get Deal
-Exquisite Appearance: This wall clock has a modern and exquisite appearance design, which can match various interior decoration styles such as living room, bedroom, dining room, study room or entrance.

-Durable Material: This wall clock is made of high-quality metal material, so it has high durability and long life.

-Quiet Operation: This wall clock uses high-quality movement to ensure no noise when running, compared with traditional wall clocks, this wall clock can provide a more peaceful environment and will not interfere with your rest, study or work.

-Accurate Time: This wall clock usually uses a precise clock mechanism to tell the time accurately. You can depend on them to schedule events, meetings or other everyday tasks on time.

-Easy Installation: This wall clock is easy to install and can be easily hung on the wall or other suitable space.

*In a word, this metal silent wall clock is not only a high-quality and practical wall clock, but also a beautiful and exquisite decoration, I believe it will give you a perfect use experience.

*After installing the battery, pls manually give the pendulum a force to make it swing left and right, and then the pendulum will generate a magnetic pole so that it will continue to swing. Warmly remind that, pls adjust the vertical direction of the hook to avoid friction between the pendulum and other parts of the clock shelf, otherwise it will waste electricity and reduce the swing time.


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