IKEA As-Is Clearance Sale: RYET or LEDARE LED light bulb LEIKNY Cushion Cover VALDOFT Scented candle & More $0.50 to $2.00 B&M YMMV

Deal Score+63
Deal Score+63

These were located in the As-Is department to the right near checkout for me at the Sawgrass IKEA.
Although they’re listed as As-Is they’re actually brand new and a large quantity was available for purchase.
In-store only as the items are not listed online anymore. See attached picture for what the items look like.

All of these items are $0.50:
RYET LED light bulb E12 2 pack 004.133.93
RYET LED light bulb E26 1000 lumen 10W 2700 Kelvin (Warm White) 2 pack 303.712.02

VARDAGEN Kitchen organization book 903.118.56
LEIKNY Cushion Cover multicolor 404.108.11

VALDOFT Scented candle in glass green 504.428.64
LEDARE LED light bulb E26 dimmable 1000 lumen 11W 2700 Kelvin (Warm White) 503.657.28

All of these items are $2.00:
BUSSIG Basket set of 2 blue 003.877.61
VAXSJO Pendant lamp beige 903.949.22
BERGHALLA Handle white 503.228.52
MAJORNA Floor lamp white 403.236.68
RICKARUM Table lamp LED bulb white 23″
$29.90 in-store ($54.99 originally)

Other items of interest that are cheaper in the store than online:
LEDARE LED bulb E26 600 lumen dimmable warm dimming globe clear [ikea.com]
$0.99 in-store ($4.99 online)

SANDVILAN Hand towel pink multicolor 16×28 [ikea.com]
$2.99 in-store ($7.99 online)

VISTOFT Rug flatwoven natural 8′ 2″ x 11′ 6″ [ikea.com]
$79.00 in-store ($149.00 sale online/$249.00 original)

MALINMARIA Cushion cover dark gray/white 20×20 [ikea.com]
$2.79 in-store ($6.99 online)
MALINMARIA Cushion cover red/white 20×20 [ikea.com]
$2.79 in-store ($6.99 online)

ENTUSIASM Paper napkin assorted colors 13×13 [ikea.com]
$0.79/30 pack in-store ($1.99/30 pack online)

GRUCKAN Bath towel multicolor 28×55 [ikea.com]
$2.99 in-store ($7.99 online)

ENUDDEN Towel rack white [ikea.com]
$3.49 in-store ($5.99 online)

ENUDDEN Toilet roll holder white [ikea.com]
$1.29 in-store ($2.99 online)

ENUDDEN Mirror white 22-7/8×15-3/4 [ikea.com]
$14.99 in-store ($19.99 online)

OTTSJÖN Shower curtain white/blue 71×71 [ikea.com]
$4.99 in-store ($7.99 online)

FLODALEN Hand towel dark gray 16×28 [ikea.com]
$2.49 in-store ($4.99 online)

MOLGER Bench birch [ikea.com]
$34.99 in-store ($49.99 online)

KRISTRUP Door mat dark blue 1’2″x1’10” [ikea.com]
$1.49 in-store ($0.99 online)

RIBBA Frame white 19-¾x19-¾ [ikea.com]
$8.99 in-store ($14.99 online)

STOMMA Wall clock white 7-¾ [ikea.com]
$1.29 in-store ($2.99 online)

SÖRHASSEL Memo board with magnets black 11-¾x28-¾ [ikea.com]
$5.99 in-store ($9.99 online)

STARTTID Backpack turquoise 3 gallon [ikea.com]
$8.99 in-store ($12.99 online)

A few “Lowest Price” sale items that you can get for same price in-store and online:
BISSA Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments white [ikea.com] or black/brown [ikea.com]

PIVRING Backpack 2 gallon gray [ikea.com] or green [ikea.com]

SÄVSTA Memo board black 19-¾x27-½ [ikea.com]

Some under sink cabinets and bench in the As-Is Department for at least 60% off (brand new):

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