How is Upucuza financed?

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Upucuza is primarily funded through affiliation: we have partnered with some merchants and service providers to earn commission when you place an order through us.

In addition, we also offer our partners the opportunity to obtain better visibility on their offers that are particularly interesting and popular with the community: if a deal reaches a high enough temperature, it may happen that it is pinned on the home page. This means that it will stay in the same place on the home page for a while, instead of going down the list as new deals are posted. Good deals put forward have the word “Pinned”. For more information, see the section “What does the word” pinned “mean for certain deals?”

We believe that our funding method does not skew the neutrality of Upucuza as a platform since it is always the votes cast by the community that are the basis of our highlights.

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