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Happy Style is an everyday mood-enhancing application, a relaxing and energetic game, as well as something special related to hacking a program (game mechanic). These three elements are closely connected and all together form a completely new genre called “Werewolf”.

SUPER Happy Style Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mythirdprojectpro.mythirdprojectpro

Although it seems like a casual game, amazing secrets are hidden here. You have to hack the game and open access to the rights of the administrator, and then the developer, to find out what secrets the mad scientist hid where you do not expect to find anything special.

The essence of the new genre “Werewolf” is the total transformation of a seemingly ordinary game into something completely unexpected with a different meaning and gameplay relative to the original concept.

It’s not about a simple unexpected plot twistat the end or the appearance of unpredictable mechanics (like RTS in the BrutalLegend or two different types of Sonic Unleashed gameplay), but about alarge-scale transformation, both in terms of story and gameplay.

On the one hand, Happy Style is a daily app, ready to please with a warm word, inspire with a wise quote and remind the user of his dreams and achievements.

But Happy Style is also a relaxing and energetic game that uses the player’s warm words, his dreams, achievements, wisdoms and even… complete nonsense. This part includes a story campaign, an arcade mode with great replayability and additional Challenge Levels.

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