Portable SSD – 1TB Crucial X6 USB 3.2 Type-C Portable External Solid State Drive

Deal Score+21
$80 $129.95 Get Deal
Deal Score+21
$80 $129.95 Get Deal

Amazon has 1TB Crucial X6 USB 3.2 Type-C Portable External Solid State Drive (CT1000X6SSD9) Portable SSD on sale for $79.99Shipping is free.

Additional Savings:

  • Amazon Prime Cardholders will earn 10% (~$8) back as a statement credit returned to your eligible Prime Store card for this purchase

About this item  Portable SSD

  • HUGE CAPACITY: Up to 4TB, storage capacity – enough for up to 20,000 photos, 100 hours of video, 6,000 songs, or 400GB of documents with room to spare
  • FAST: Read speeds up to 540MB/s – that’s 3.8x faster than most hard drives
  • TINY, LIGHTWEIGHT: Fits between your fingertips and weighs less than your car keys
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY: Works with PC, Mac, Android, iPad Pro8 (PS4, Xbox One, and USB-A computer require USB-A adapter, available separately)
  • RELIABLE AND DURABLE: Backed by Micron, one of the largest manufacturers of flash storage in the world
250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB 500GB, 1TB, 2TB 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, 2TB 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB 1TB, 2TB
Internal Internal Internal Internal External External
M.2 M.2 2.5 inch 2.5 inch Portable Portable
Up to 2400MB/s Up to 6600MB/s Up to 540MB/s Up to 560MB/s Up to 800MB/s Up to 1050MB/s
Gamers, professionals, entry-level designers Fast Gen4 NVMe storage for high-performance computing and hardcore gaming Universal, value-conscious users Professionals, upgraders & college students On-the-go hobbyists, students, travelers & gamers Photographers, on-the-go professionals & console gamers

Micron Quality — a Higher Level of Reliability Portable SSD

Micron redefines what’s possible with innovative technology that shapes how we use data in all areas of life. Crucial’s unique integration with Micron means our memory and storage components are designed, tested, and refined at every stage of the production process.

1. Some of the storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes. Not all capacities available at initial launch.

2. MB/s speed measured as maximum sequential performance of device as measured by Crucial on a high-performance desktop computer with Crystal Disk Mark (version 6.0.2 for x64). Your performance may vary. Comparative speed claims measured as maximum sequential performance of similarly situated portable SSDs, mainstream portable HDDs and mainstream USB flash drives from vertically-integrated manufacturers selling under their own brands as of June 2019.

3. Up to 6.5ft/2 m without impact to data on drive on a carpeted floor.

4. Encrypt and backup your content with tools like Windows Backup, BitLocker, Apple Time Machine, and FileVault.

5. Compatibility may vary and may be contingent on device formatting and host capabilities.

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